Early Taste of Summer

Bonjour, mes bons amis!

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LA has some of the best outdoor seating and people watching.

Walking home from my bus-stop during ‘magic hour’ yesterday evening, I came across the beautiful setting above. The weather here in LA is turning rapidly, and the warmth in the air at 7:45pm was evidence. We’re expecting temperatures in the 80s and 90s (perhaps 100 inland!) today and Friday – just in time for a preview of the near summer season, and perfect margarita sippin’ weather!

Then I remembered that it’s Thursday, so my preview will be brief, at best. But thank goodness I’ve found a few great reads on the world wide webs to help get through the week. Check them out below, either from the indoors like me or if you’re lucky enough, from poolside or on the sand!

Enjoy the rest of your week, bons amis!!

♥ – LBH