~ La Presénte ~ Treat Yo Self This Summer

Bonjour, mes beaux amis!

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and got to enjoy some relaxing time with family and friends, near or far.  I stayed near home but certainly did enjoy some time to decompress.  The last week was an intense one at the 9-7 day job, so not having planned much was exactly what my body and mind needed this past weekend!

Summer has peaked its head out previously for us in Southern California, but this weekend definitely had more of the true summer feeling to it.  Friday night here in LA was a particularly clear evening, and I walked over to a friend’s house for a cocktail and some laughs to end the night (we actually DO walk in LA).  On my way, I was floored by the brightness of the full moon – at 8:30pm, the moon shone so bright that even the dark parts of the three block walk were still well lit.

memorial day weekend, full moon, unofficial start to summer, evening moon, moonlight, moonlit sky

even the bright happy moon celebrated the long weekend!

Having caught up on some house chores, I enjoyed a nice long walk with Mr. Bings through my neighborhood in the early evening on Saturday.  It was impossible to miss the incredibly bright purple blooming Jacaranda trees bursting on nearly every street in the area – I’m kinda proud that Forbes recognized my Miracle Mile neighborhood as being one of the best areas in LA to see the Jacaranda tree during its somewhat rare bi-YEARLY blooming season!!

Jacaranda tree, purple rain, los angeles trees, biyearly bloom, unofficial summer, memorial day weekend

the gorgeous Jacaranda trees are currently in season and bursting with color.

Finally, Joe’s Restaurant in Venice was the perfect setting for a bottomless mimosa Sunday brunch with a girlfriend, followed by some ‘treat yo self‘ time at the spa!!

treat yo self, treat yourself, parks and recreation, aziz ansari, donna, spa time, massage, burke williams, joe's restaurant, venice beach, sunday brunch, mimosas, bottomless mimosas, unofficial start to summer, memorial day weekend

this weekend I enjoyed a little Treat Yo Self! time

Hopefully the short week won’t feel so long after the extended weekend… but it was certainly the perfect unofficial start to my summer.  Next on the agenda: vacation planning!  And I’m looking for inspiration and ideas – I’m tossing around a 4-5 day vacation to Hawaii, a week-long stay in Martha’s Vineyard, a 4-day stay in Big Sur and Carmel, CA, or some other great place to get away and do lots of nothing and maybe a little (or a lot) of eating fabulous food and enjoying delicious wine.  Any ideas and suggestions?  I would love to hear them!!

Have a wonderful week, mes bons amis!!

♥ – LBH

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~ La Présente ~ Milestones.

Bonjour, mes bons amis!!

I hope you had a beautiful and restful weekend!  And for those dealing with the recent crazy and violent weather, I do hope you and your family remained safe and sound.

Today marks a milestone.  Five years ago today, I met a very special person: my best friend, my confidante, the person who makes me better myself, motivates and inspires me, and makes me look forward to the next day.

When we first met, we talked about our world travels, and our love of buffalo wings, beer etc (not necessarily together).  His quiet charm, humble intellect and downright silly side, not to mention his knowledge of 90s rap, wasn’t intriguing – it was downright amazing.  And perfect.  Perfect for me.

happy anniversary, life partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, love

here’s to many more of our milestones…

It is unbelievable to see how fast five years goes by.  But I can’t wait to whiz through another five years with him, and reach more new milestones together.

Have a wonderful week, mes beaux amis!

♥ – LBH

~ La Présente ~ A Mother’s Love

Bonjour, mes bons amis!!

The month of May conjures many thoughts and images of spring, flowers, weddings and Mother’s Day. Today I was reminded that even though there is a holiday just to show moms EXTRA love and appreciation, they should be shown appreciation everyday for all they do and did for their children.

mother's day, duck and ducklings, duck, ducklings, wading in water, pond, feeding the ducks, a mother's love, new hatchlings

a delightful scene: mother caring for her new babies


Today’s reminder of a mother’s love came today at lunch watching this wonderful mama taking care of her sweet little babies.

My mom doesn’t live nearby, and I do miss her. But I will be sure to call her tonight and let her know that I appreciate her years of protecting, guiding and caring for me, both near and from afar.

Hope you are having a wonderful week, mes bons amis!!

♥ – LBH

~ La Présente ~ Spring Flowers and Bubbles

Bonjour, bons amis!

Even though the weekend is wrapping up, I certainly hope you enjoyed some time to recover and re-energize yourselves for the new week.  I always love the relaxed restful feeling of Sundays, with friends or family, or quietly by myself.  I feel that this quote is truly meant for Sundays:

“Dining with one’s friends and beloved family is certainly one of life’s primal and most innocent delights, and that is both soul-satisfying and eternal.” – Julia Child

tulips, champagne, spring, sundays, weekend, family, friends, entertaining, brunch, centerpiece, bubbles

this Sunday sponsored by: le printemps et le champagne!

Until next time, mes amis!


~ La Présente ~

Bonjour, bons amies!!

I’ve been so motivated to revitalize my little nook in the world wide webs through this blog, that I decided to try adding at least one photo each day that embodies something beautiful, something delicious or something delightful.

This week helped remind me that the albeit too brief quiet moment in the morning, or the sound of a family member’s laugh on a quick call to say hi, or even the simple pleasure of walking your naughty dog through the neighborhood letting him smell every possible inch along the way but on a beautiful warm day… those moments are what make every day a small part of la belle vie.

I know I’m a flamboyant Francophile and Europhile for that matter. But I truly believe there’s something to be said for a culture that in the face of millennia of hardships, turmoil and reoccurring worst of times, they universally hold in high regard le joie de vie.

Donc, aux Français, je dis: merci beaucoup à vous pour inspirer ma joie de vie!

I hope you enjoy my daily (if not, at least very regular) visual inspirations, musings and small moments.

Here is my first of many, taken during a quiet moment this morning. I need these more often in my life.


Passée un bon week-end, mes amies!

♥ – LBH