The Struggle to Stay Forever Young — Is Real

Bonjour, mes beaux amis!

For the past eight years, each summer sometime in July I start to reflect on the fact that I will be having another birthday within a few weeks.  I start thinking about the year that’s passed, as well as what’s to come.  And I mostly start to panic a little inside wondering if anyone can accurately guess my age – or worse yet, think I am older than I really am.  I also begin to reflect on all of the many little age-fighting secrets my mom shared with me as well as the few things I’ve discovered on my own in the last ten years.  Yes, the struggle is real – but the struggle can be overcome!!
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  1. Sleep is underrated.  It really does wonders to help defy age.  In fact, I recall one of my best friends preaching the wonders of sleeping at least 7 hours each night to prevent aging skin – especially the face.  And she was absolutely right.  Refinery29 recently shared four eye related aging characteristics that sleep specifically targets and helps heal naturally.  Just think about how quickly your party-crazy friends age from their 20s into their 30s.  Seriously – compare a few photos… look at the eyes and you’ll see the difference those ten year long late night parties make. (Photo: Umberto Salvagnin)
  2. Hand lotion is also underrated and often forgotten.  My mom years ago enlightened me to the fact that a person’s hands can easily give away his or her age.  Aside from the unfortunate potential sunspots we may have to deal with in our later years, we can fight some of that aging now.  Skin loses elasticity over time, so we can help fight the aging signs and wrinkles on hands by keeping them moisturized – in the very same way we try to keep the wrinkles on the face at bay.  My favorite is L’Occitane Lavande hand lotion.  It has a gorgeous scent and isn’t too greasy, but it’s thick enough to heal cracked dry skin instantly.
  3. You can never drink too much water… And for all the same tell-tale signs on the face, skin and hair, water is certainly one of your biggest anti-aging allies.  Our bodies are made up of 50-70% of water, and we naturally lose as much as 2-3 liters of water daily from basic everyday movement, sweat, urine, sleep, etc.  That water needs to be replenished not just from the food we eat but by drinking it throughout the day.  The benefits are undeniable – if you don’t believe me, read this little article about a woman who consciously increased her water intake, and see the results IN HER FACE for yourself.
  4. Cleansers that don’t strip your skin like Murad’s Refreshing Cleanser are EVERYTHING… Gone are the days of my teens and 20s when I tried desperately to strip off all the oil from my face as possible, and remaining as matte as possible (sadly with that unfortunate ‘cracked’ feeling).  Now in my later 30s, finding a gentle cleanser that leaves my skin feeling soft and not completely dried out is certainly the goal now.  And Murad’s Refreshing Cleanser definitely does that, without leaving a filmy feeling.
  5. Eye creams & moisturizers – when mother nature (and for those blessed with good genes) can’t help us through water, plenty of sleep, etc., we can help ourselves with the power of science and through its recent brilliant products.  For the eyes, I love-love-love Kiehl’s products.  They pride themselves in being eye-care and skincare experts, and they deserve that title.  I use the Rosa Arctica for my mornings after washing my face and applying moisturizer.  I also let it settle in for at least 15 minutes before I apply makeup.  At night, I use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye treatment.  It gets absorbed into the skin so quickly, and with its minty herbaceous natural ingredients, I can feel the skin around my eye tightening a bit after applying.  Your eyes will definitely thank you for the extra care!!
  6. Including an exfoliating and clarifying mask like GlamGlow will help keep those pores clean and tight.  The Youthmud Tinglexfoliating Mask certainly tingles, and I know some with sensitive skin may not care for the super minty tingly feeling this mask brings.  But with its volcanic minerals and pumice as well as a slew of natural plant extracts and soothing oils like lavender, after using this mask your skin will feel as though you’ve had a mini-peel or just had a facial.  It will feel as soft and supple as ever  (warning: this mask may cause addiction…).

What are your favorite anti-aging tips, tricks and products?

Here’s to being forever young, mes beaux amis – toujours jeunes!!

♥ – LBH

1 thought on “The Struggle to Stay Forever Young — Is Real

  1. Hands reveal your age, as well as necks. YIKES! The products all sound fabulous. I’ve never been one to hang out in the sun, fortunately, but I was also late to the sunscreen game. I am also lucky enough to be able to afford a monthly facial. But I truly embrace aging. I mean, it happens.


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