New Summer Reads: ‘Shrinkage’

Bonjour, mes beaux amis!shrinkage, bryan bishop, cancer, tumor, adam carolla, jimmy kimmel, summer reads, books, best seller, brain cancer

I just got my copy of Bryan Bishop’s new book Shrinkage, his first-hand humorous account of dealing with brain cancer and a tumor in the middle of his young thriving eventful life which appeared to be on the road to huge success… Some may know ‘Bald Bryan’ as he’s called from the Adam Carrolla show, and here he tells his story about how strong the human spirit is, and how powerful laughter is as medicine.

As some of you know and have read on La Belle Hibou, Bryan’s story hits extremely close to home for me, since just one year ago, my better half was also diagnosed with cancer, and the news halted and altered our day-to-day lives as we knew them.  But like Bryan and his lovely wife (of the AWESOME blog PardonMyCrumbs), who were a tremendous help emotionally for me and my hubs, we learned to laugh at everything we possibly could because dealing with cancer is not only one of the worst things to ever face in life, but it’s also just plain weird.  And it creates awkwardly hilarious situations that I pray we never have to face again… Our humor, while dark at times, certainly help make lots of light of an already awful situation.

Thanks to that laughter, we made it through this past incredibly tough year and became better because of it.  We found a whole new appreciation for every little thing in life.  ESPECIALLY the little things in life.

I know I’ll enjoy this summer read, and Bryan, congrats on the book and thank you for the inspiration and your emotional support!!

♥ – LBH



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