{Weekend Reflections: July 1st ’14}

Bonjour, mes beaux amis!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  My weekends always seem to go by too quickly, but I’ve started mentally enjoying Mondays a bit more as a day of transition and reflection from the weekend into the craziness of the week.  Fortunately, my Mondays have recently become less hectic from go, and I definitely think it’s been a huge help to ease into the week as opposed to hitting the pavement fast-first.

This past weekend, I did some self-reflection about a number of things: my real joys in life (writing, travel and food, and my better half, my family and friends), my career, and the concept of change.  Change is hard to initially accept or face, but it is absolutely necessary in order to grow.  And ultimately, that’s what most people want – growth.  Learning something new about the world and ourselves – and bettering ourselves in the process – only makes life richer and better.  So today I’m sharing a few bits that I’ve recently found interesting and inspiring to help you get through the week and plan for your weekend ahead.

And it’s a short week for us in the US!  It’s the 4th of July holiday on Friday, which usually means backyard barbecues with friends and family, beer in warm weather and fireworks as the icing on the cake.  So I’ve included a few links for some fun recipes and ideas for your weekend barbecue!

  • You can’t go wrong with these almost no-cook ideas for your next barbecue or outdoor party!

    outdoor party, barbecue, no-cook food, appetizers, charcuterie, cheese, olives, quacamole, chips, snacks, easy hosting, french garden parties

    photo: The Kitchn

  • Finally!  Someone finds a way to keep a fresh manicure flawless when faced with putting on pants and whatnot
  • I’m in the midst of a new challenge: finding some great little wedding gifts for myself, my mom and my sister – similar to these bridesmaid prep robes, but in silk. Anyone have any recommendations?

    bridesmaid prep robe, gift, kimono robe

    photo: Plum Pretty Sugar

  • This hilarious article about what your favorite alcoholic bevvie says about you is spot-on-accurate (coming from a proud champagne fan – slash – deals & discounts maestro!!).

    buzzfeed, champagne, what your drink of choice says about you, shopping deals, whiskey, fernet, absynthe, scotch, gin and tonic, vodka, tequila,  bloody mary, beer and shot, campari, cider, cognac, cosmo, sex on the beach, daiquiri, everclear, fireball, jagermeister, henessey, long island iced tea, margarita, manhattans, martinis, mimosas, mojitos, moonshine, pickelback, negronis, rum and coke, screwdrivers, sake, sake bombs, sambuca, sailor jerry, captain morgan, amaretto sour, wine

    photo: Buzzfeed

  • I’m throwing a Golden Girls themed getaway weekend with my close partners-in-crime, and I’ve got a list of requirements, including Mumus & Caftans, like these stylish pieces!!diane von furstenberg, caftan, golden girls getaway weekend, mumu, floral dress, relaxing, summer wear, nancy meyer1: DVF; 2 and 3: Nancy Meyer

Take heart – it’s already Tuesday – you better get working on your weekend plans!!!  Have a great week, mes beaux amis!

♥ – LBH

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