{Ready for the Sporty Weekend Ahead}

Bonjour, mes beaux amis!!

The weekend is here, and whether or not you’re an avid sports fanatic, the casual spectator or the one tuned out person at the watercooler (do offices still have watercoolers?), there’s no denying that this weekend will bring a TRIFECTA of sports!!  (I hear there will also be golf this weekend, but really, does anybody watch golf, or merely have it on the TV while they nap??)

Here’s my rundown!

  • The LA Kings return home to try to seal their Stanley Cup championship title.  I have to admit, even though I usually never watch hockey, even I got into the excitement of the last game on Wednesday.  I will definitely be watching tonight!

stanley cup, hockey, los angeles kings, LA, new york rangers, NY, ice, championship, game 5, sports

  • World Cup Madness continues with three matches today, FOUR matches tomorrow and three more matches on Sunday.  My office had a fun friendly drawing to root for each team (randomly, no strategy/arguing involved), and I drew Iran and Uruguay – if either of them actually wins the whole shebang, then I too win.  Go Iran and Go Uruguay!!

world cup 2014, fifa, copa, brazil, football, soccer, iran, uruguay, sports, madness

  • The NBA Finals are turning out to be quite interesting, with the aging San Antonio Spurs flexing their more experienced muscles against the younger and flashier Miami Heat.  It will definitely be another fierce battle in San Antonio where Miami will scratch and claw their way to stay alive in the series.

    nba finals 2014, championship, miami heat, san antonion spurs, lebron james, dwayne wade, chauncey chalmers, tim duncan, manu ginobili, tony parker, chris bosh, danny green, kawhi leonard, patty mills, tiago splitter, boris diaw, r.c. buford, mario chalmers

    photo: Bleacher Report

Needless to say, with all of the laundry and chores I have to do at home, at least I’ll have some great TV this weekend!!

What will you be doing this weekend?  Any of you avid sports fans or casual spectators, who will you be rooting for??

Passer un bon week-end, mes beaux amis!!

♥ – LBH

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