I Am A Narciso-sist

Bonjour, mes beaux amis!!

Many years ago, I became friends with a gorgeous Spanish-via-London femme. Her free spirit made it easy to feel so comfortable with her despite her Queen’s English accent. To put it plainly, she’s one classy broad!!

She introduced me to the loveliness known as Narciso Rodriguez, a subtle but elegant perfume that since knowing it, I feel as though my beautiful friend is in the same room – not 5,000 miles away. It’s truly incredible how scent is so closely related to memory…

I bought a bottle for myself recently, and I can’t help but love this gorgeous scent of sweet but light musk laced with a hint of spice. Perfect for the warm summer days and even more fitting for the balmy summer nights, you just may feel as though you are transported to Spain for a whirlwind tryst with your love – or you may feel as beautiful and enticing as Barcelona’s hilltops overlooking the Mediterranean. I can’t help but think about the many laughs, girls’ nights and cocktails I have shared with my lovely friend. So thanks for the memories, Sr. Rodriguez, and for the summertime inspiration!narciso rodriguez for her, house of fraser, zappos, j crew, ann taylor, ray ban, fashion, memories, perfume, Spain, London, summertime, summer, glam, jack rogers, friends, girlfriends, girls night, shopping, cocktails, inspiration, warm weather

1. Ann Taylor || 2. Narciso Rodriguez For Her || 3. J. Crew || 4. Jack Rogers || 5. House of Fraser || 6. Ray Ban

What are your favorite perfumes, and what memories do they bring you?

Bonjour, mes beaux amis!!!

♥ – LBH

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