~ La Présente ~ A Mother’s Love

Bonjour, mes bons amis!!

The month of May conjures many thoughts and images of spring, flowers, weddings and Mother’s Day. Today I was reminded that even though there is a holiday just to show moms EXTRA love and appreciation, they should be shown appreciation everyday for all they do and did for their children.

mother's day, duck and ducklings, duck, ducklings, wading in water, pond, feeding the ducks, a mother's love, new hatchlings

a delightful scene: mother caring for her new babies


Today’s reminder of a mother’s love came today at lunch watching this wonderful mama taking care of her sweet little babies.

My mom doesn’t live nearby, and I do miss her. But I will be sure to call her tonight and let her know that I appreciate her years of protecting, guiding and caring for me, both near and from afar.

Hope you are having a wonderful week, mes bons amis!!

♥ – LBH

6 thoughts on “~ La Présente ~ A Mother’s Love

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