~ La Présente ~

Bonjour, bons amies!!

I’ve been so motivated to revitalize my little nook in the world wide webs through this blog, that I decided to try adding at least one photo each day that embodies something beautiful, something delicious or something delightful.

This week helped remind me that the albeit too brief quiet moment in the morning, or the sound of a family member’s laugh on a quick call to say hi, or even the simple pleasure of walking your naughty dog through the neighborhood letting him smell every possible inch along the way but on a beautiful warm day… those moments are what make every day a small part of la belle vie.

I know I’m a flamboyant Francophile and Europhile for that matter. But I truly believe there’s something to be said for a culture that in the face of millennia of hardships, turmoil and reoccurring worst of times, they universally hold in high regard le joie de vie.

Donc, aux Français, je dis: merci beaucoup à vous pour inspirer ma joie de vie!

I hope you enjoy my daily (if not, at least very regular) visual inspirations, musings and small moments.

Here is my first of many, taken during a quiet moment this morning. I need these more often in my life.


Passée un bon week-end, mes amies!

♥ – LBH

2 thoughts on “~ La Présente ~

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