Another New Year = Another New Me!!

Bonjour, bon ami!  And Bonne Année 2013!


It has been faaaar too long since I’ve made some time to blog, but like most of you, I have been just too busy, and fortunately I have found lots of inspiration lately for blogging.  A new year always brings a fresh start, and I’m wasting no time this year at shaking out the dust and purging (similar to last year!).

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Friday afternoon, after reading a number of friends’ Facebook and Pinterest posts about ‘organizing everything in your life’ and the hundreds of ways to free yourself of the clutter and mess that naturally comes with the ‘holidaze,’ I started to make a list.  I’m not one to really make formal resolutions and stick to them, but I do like lists.  And I can stick to a list.  And I love scratching things off my lists!

Here is my first “2013 Cleanse” list (I’m sure there will be many more in the next 360 days!) after a mental assessment of what I need to do with another fresh start at hand:

  1. Clean out hallway linen closet – reorganize shelves; get rid of unused items
  2. Clean out hallway coat closet – purge unused coats/items; reorganize shoes and other stored items
  3. Consolidate luggage pieces and move into garage
  4. Clean out/purge/decide what to keep in seasonal clothing storage containers under bed
  5. Get rid of useless/space-eating knicknacks (on desk, shelves, etc)
  6. Brainstorm/visualize ways to maximize unused/wasted but much needed space (check out the many mobile and iPad apps to help with home decor!)
  7. Maximize bathroom space for additional storage
  8. Get rid of oversized bedroom chair; create small reading nook in bedroom corner
  9. Find tall shelving for bedroom (thanks, ApartmentTherapy for these amazing storage ideas!!) & smaller comfy chair for new reading nook
  10. Buy black high gloss paint for interior doors (seems like such a small change but wow, what a difference), and paint doors within 30 days
  11. Buy crisp white high gloss paint for bathroom, and paint said bathroom within 30 days
  12. Start marking items for garage sale (ie. small old green tin table; unused shelf in dining room); prepare for garage sale within the next two weeks
  13. Find stud finder on Amazon (and stop hanging things on the old drywall)
  14. Research new bedroom colors/decor, and brainstorm within Houzz (dedicated exclusively to home decor, renovation and inspiration) and Pinterest, of course!

Phew, I have to get started!  How much can I get done by tomorrow?  Well, I guess I will have a better idea by Sunday around 3pm.  But I am certainly excited to update you on my progress!!

What are you doing to take advantage of 2013’s fresh start?  I would love to hear your ideas and stay motivated!

Stay tuned for my updates this weekend!  Until then, enjoy the first of fifty-two weekends to come!!


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