Sunshine Through the Rain

sunshine through rain raindrops sun clouds breaking hope light
{caitlin doyle}


First, I want to thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts, prayers and support for my mom and family.  I am so happy to say that she has been released from hospital, and I will be seeing her in just two days (she doesn’t live in the country, but fortunately she is clear to travel, and I can’t get her back home to the US fast enough!!).  It’s a great relief to know she is feeling better and we now know what we need to fix.  I am so grateful to the wonderful hospital, doctors and staff who took care of mom.

After speaking to her over the weekend and between the tears for fears (no pun intended!), my mom did encourage me to stay busy and not worry since she was feeling better and would be home soon.  Just like a mom, she made me promise I would get back on track with my 2012 Project Harmony, and so I did!  This weekend I was able to tackle the hallway closet and bathroom a bit more, as well as do some rearranging and purging from the bedroom.

hallway closet DIY declutter organized resolutions design decor chevron clean cleaned storageI am so happy with the results!!  The hallway closet is no longer a pit of darkness, and it can now accommodate far more, including part of a certain better half’s future wardrobe 🙂 !!  I even experimented a bit and added a little chevron pizzazz – I’ll be finishing the linen closet with the same stylish touch.  The hallway closet was the test.  It’s a lot of work, and it’s one more reason that my better half thinks I’m nuts loves me for being nuts, but I love it!!

indoors indoor clothing line bathroom delicate air dry apartment life living small space maximize
{the indoor clothing line}

Being an apartment renter without a private patio or backyard means maximizing the small space I have.  So instead of taking up more floor space on laundry day to air dry my delicates on a fold-out stand, I picked up a wall mounted clothesline at BB&B for the unused space above my bathtub.  When it isn’t in use, you would never know it was there.  The silver plate that hides the retractable line is pretty inconspicuous, and the anchor latch even more so.  So convenient and easy!!

Well after last week’s craziness, and as I face another chaotic week ahead, it feels so good to know that I can find more peace and harmony in my home. I can’t wait to share that peace and harmony with my mom, sister and brother-in-law this week.  Until we speak again, bon ami, continue living la belle viethe only life to worth living!!


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