Project Harmony: Day 1 Victories!!


I am already finding huge success with my new one-month decluttering project, which I have appropriately entitled “Project Harmony.”  I am a few small steps closer to feeling like this!!

freedom jump for joy new year clean slate fresh start inspiration
closer to clutter-free!

I’m actually already feeling like this, and here’s why: last night after a long day at the 9-5, I was pretty wiped out, and didn’t get to start on PH (Project Harmony).  I was in bed pretty early, and thus woke up a bit early this morning.  I stared at the small mess on my kitchen table and started putting things away, like the bag of recent Target buys, the pretty wrapping paper I found on clearance, throwing away receipts, etc.  When I pulled out my gift wrap box under my bed, I saw a big bulky old duffel that was now a dust bunny magnet.  I resolved to putting it in a “donation” box that I would start putting together, and when I opened the duffel to make sure there wasn’t anything important in it, I found these:

crate and barrel el pollo loco gift cards
total value: $80!!!

Two gifted gift certificates from friends that I thought I had accidentally tossed in the trash!!!  Oh happy day!!!

PH has me so inspired in the very first day – I feel like I can do ANYTHING! Now if only I could figure out how to create a shoe closet like THIS for myself in my teeny apartment…

closet organized shoes storage fashion home
dream closet!

A girl can dream, right?

Day One of PH: TRES BIEN!!!!

How are your home organization projects or New Year~New Slate projects going?  Inspire me with your own progress and success stories!!

Happy Thursday!!


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