New Year = Decluttered Slate!


I hope your 2012 has started off full of excitement and anticipation of many great things to come in the next year.  Many people begin their year with resolutions and plans for change.  I don’t like to formalize any resolutions, but I do like to start the year with a clean de-cluttered slate!

kitchen storage as decor declutter clean organized new year
{The Big Book; apartmenttherapy}

I would give an arm (maybe not an arm, but possibly a digit…) to be uber-organized and clutter-free like the above picture.  So this year, I’m giving myself ONE MONTH to tackle a few projects I’ve wanted to tackle and haven’t yet.

organized bedroom decor storage declutter new year resolution
{The Big Book; apartmenttherapy}

AND… I will be updating you on my progress!  I’ll even take REAL PICTURES of my befores and afters, so you can see my progress, and of course offer any suggestions you may see!

I’ve enlisted the help of a friend of mine who is a real-life ‘Monica Geller’ when it comes to organizing.  She also has some great prep-taste!

Here’s an idea as to my next few weeks’ declutter activities and a peak into some of my upcoming progress reports-slash-blog posts:

1.  Hallway closet: toss empty boxes, reorganize coats, repurpose unused laundry baskets

2.  Corner desk tornado: enough said.

3.  Downsize bedroom oversized chair

4.  Old unused tvs!!!

Here are a few great suggestions and quick&easy suggestions for kicking off 2012 with a little less clutter and a lot less stress:

~ Real Simple created “The Get It Together Plan” with great suggestions and advice for starting and finishing the de-clutter projects (yes, it is rightly called “The Get It Together Plan”…)

~ Nate Berkus has some great ideas for being clutter-free in 5 days!

~ Apartment Therapy’s list of great articles and tips to a cleaner space with small and fast methods for everyday (not for 8 hours in one very loooong day…)

~ I found a GEM! ImperfectHomemaking has a fabulous series called “31 Days to An Organized Home” – AWESOME, VALUABLE and PRACTICAL suggestions here!

~ of course, the Queen of Home Charm, Martha Stewart, has some great ideas and inspiration for organizing the various spaces in your home.

~ and lastly, remember that this project doesn’t have to be just about throwing things away or bagging up stuff for the Salvation Army – look at it as an opportunity to find some unique and beautiful decor ideas and inspiration!!  That’s what Brabourne Farm did – who wouldn’t love to organize their files and things in such a stylish way??

home decor shabby chic storage boxes
{brabourne farm}

What kinds of cleaning/decluttering projects are you working on or planning?  I’d love to hear your ideas!!

Well… I better get to work!  It helps to know that there are a few people out there keeping tabs on my progress – that’s some motivation!!!

Wish me luck!!


8 thoughts on “New Year = Decluttered Slate!

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  4. what a great initiative! your inspiration photos are lovely! i think i may be inspired to move forward with my own projects this month. enough of the ‘i can’t do A until i do B, and i can’t do B until i do C.’ i will try and do A, B and C! thank you for the impetus to tackle these items.


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